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New Poem–“Jacksonville”


(for Jordan Davis and Trayvon Martin)

Glory’s in the glove-compartment:

your little American legends

brandished in banal

Floridian night,

under filling-station floodlights,

upon overtended lawn.


Take your damned flags and crosses

down; these nights

those children walk alone, not

comprehending, still hearing music,

still trying to get home.

Depressed at Disney

A few minutes ago I happened to look at my travel blog (between 2001 and about 2009 I was a relatively successful freelance travel writer; the blog is for the most part made up of travel narratives I’d written that weren’t quite commercially-oriented enough for most travel publications, but are still my favorites), and at a story I wrote back in 2006.

The story, which is called “Depressed at Disney World”, is about a press trip I took to Orlando just when my newly awakened grief for David had started to surface, and I was on the brink of a kind of emotional free-fall.  In the story, I simply refer to David as “my friend.”

It occurred to me that this might be a good place to share it.  Here’s the link:


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