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The Best Story I’ve Heard in a LONG Time

I just came across this on CNN.com–it’s just wonderful.  I just wrote to Omni Hotels’ corporate offices to commend the manager of their Atlanta Hotel, Scott Stuckey, for doing such an amazingly wonderful thing to reward Joel Hartman–a homeless man who, while dumpster-diving, found a tourist’s wallet and went from hotel to hotel to find her so that he could return it (Mr. Hartman also freely admits that he has problems with drugs, which makes his act even more commendable, for obvious reasons).  If I ever go on vacation again, and I can afford it, I’m staying at an Omni (I actually did stay at the one in NYC when I was actively doing travel writing, and it was awesome–especially for a New York hotel!).


Chevron and AIDS

A week or two ago, I caught a glimpse of the tail-end of a commercial on TV; it had something to do with AIDS, and I was surprised to see that it was sponsored by Chevron.  Today on a CNN page I saw the ad again, and went to Chevron’s homepage to learn more.  I don’t have all the details as to what they do yet, but I read some of their posts about mother/child transmission, the importance of getting tested in spite of the stigma, etc.  Whatever it is that they do, I’m impressed just by the fact that a large corporation has the cojones to publicly talk about AIDS–still one of the less socially acceptable “causes” around (and apparently they’ve been involved for 25 years).  I’ll be buying my gas at Chevron from now on whenever possible, at the very least.


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