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Film Trivia

Most of the interior shots for the indie film Pieces of April (which stars Katie Holmes, who is just so pretty, and also quite a good actress) were filmed in David’s old building on Suffolk Street several years after the period during which Holding Breath takes place.  (The filmmakers managed to find an even seedier-looking building for the exterior shots, although I don’t know why they bothered.)  Watching the film the first time, I was just about falling out of my chair, looking to see if I would get a glimpse of the door to David’s apartment one more time.  I didn’t, but the hallway hadn’t changed at all, and I was glad of that (the current tenants may feel differently).

In the book, I also mention that the building was up the street from what was at the time a lesbian bar called Meow Mix.  Kevin Smith’s film Chasing Amy (one of Ben Affleck’s first) was shot there; my husband, Lorenzo, worked as the still photographer and I was an extra. In one scene you can see me and my best friend from childhood, Claudia Koeze, as part of an audience of women rapturously watching Joey Lauren Adams singing onstage (we must have been excellent actresses, as Ms. Adams was one of the rudest and most arrogant women I’ve ever come across in “real life”, and rapture–sapphic or not–was definitely not what I would have been feeling while watching her perform).  At the end of the film, in the scene at the comic-book convention, Lorenzo strides through in a momentary close-up.  It was strange to be involved in the surreal process of making a low-budget film, just doors down from the place where, a few short years earlier, I’d spent possibly the most surreal (yet very real) and intense eight months of my life.

The Lower East Side is a small world, cinematically speaking.

An afterthought: I don’t like to trash people, particularly people about whom I know next-to-nothing, so as far as Joey Lauren Adams is concerned I should say that at the time she was very young, and probably–as most people would be–a little carried away with herself and the idea that she was the star of a film, and maybe stressed out by the whole ridiculous process of making a movie.  She may otherwise be a very nice person, and may also have matured over the years (I was no doubt quite different at the time too).


The Point, Really…

A lot of reviews have been coming in for Holding Breath on Amazon and  I get as excited as a child every time I see that a new one has been posted, but the ones that make me the happiest are the ones (and there are quite a few) that say that the reader feels as if he or she has gotten to “know” David through reading the book, had begun to think of him as a friend, and even, in a couple of cases, had started to fall in love with him (yup–been there, done that 🙂 ).  Writing the book, I’d been kind of worried that no one would be able to see the sweetness in him as I had, no matter what I wrote.  But people are seeing it, and reading about their reactions to my portrayal of him (I’m really not all that concerned about what people think of me–it’s David’s book) has made me cry more than once.  I’m so grateful.  And I know that it would make him happy (it would also no doubt make him laugh to see his face plastered all over the Internet, if he’d known at the time what the Internet would be).

I wanted to post another song from the book’s playlist to go with this post, and for some reason The National’s song “Bloodbuzz Ohio” seemed the most appropriate (although I couldn’t tell you why, exactly, except that something about it just reminds me so much of David).  It’s a great song, although I find the video a little baffling because it’s so different from the “video” that runs in my head when I hear the song.  Here it is:

Free Today and This Weekend

I just want to let people know that the Kindle edition of Holding Breath: A Memoir of AIDS’ Wildfire Days, is FREE today (Friday, 3/1) through Sunday on  Here’s the link to the page again:

If you do read it, reviews on the Amazon page and/or Goodreads (or anywhere else you can slip one in 🙂 ) are always helpful and appreciated.

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