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Another Song from the Book’s Playlist–Springsteen’s “For You”

Earlier in this blog I posted Bruce Springsteen’s “Streets of Philadelphia,” which I quote (with permission, which was fun in itself to get) in Holding Breath, and whose video I called (only partly in jest) “required watching” for anyone reading the book.

There’s a second Springsteen song on the book’s playlist–“For You,” which may have been the first song to really make me pay attention to Springsteen way back in 1973 when it came out on the album “Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J.” (I was twelve at the time), or perhaps a few years later.  I’d say that it’s my second-favorite Springsteen song (it was my first until I heard “Streets of Philadelphia”; “I’m On Fire” is also way up there on the list).

Of course it wasn’t until many years later, after I’d met, loved, and lost David, that I thought of “For You” in terms of my time with him.  Not all of it applies, of course, but the lines about the ambulance and Bellevue (where David spent the last two nights of his life), and the one about salt on the tongue, always bring back those memories very clearly.  Springsteen is really a poet, with a knack for the details that can smack me upside the head with recognition, and then make me smile or cry.

Here’s a video of the song:

Holding Breath Book Giveaway

Someone who came across, read, and really liked Holding Breath suggested that I do one of’s book giveaways.  (His name is Tom Harvey, and he’s written a memoir called, The Eighties: A Bitchen Time to Be a Teenager!; I haven’t had a chance to read it yet but it’s got a huge following and a lot of excellent reviews on, and it’s next on my list.)

Anyway, I’d thought of doing a giveaway, but–lackadaisical as always–I hadn’t gotten around to looking into the details until Tom suggested it.

The giveaway listing went up on the Goodreads site today.  Four print copies of Holding Breath: A Memoir of AIDS’ Wildfire Days are available, and at the end of the promotion (which ends on Valentine’s Day) I’ll be sending them out to the four winners.

If you’d like to enter the giveaway for the book, go to:

and sign up.  You can also look at and enter to win a lot of other great books there.

Good luck!

(Of course, if you just can’t wait until after Valentine’s Day to read Holding Breath, you can go to its page and buy the Kindle or print version:

You might also want to check out Tom Harvey’s book at:

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